Circul-Air Rotojet 200A Hose Washer


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The RotoJet hose washer has integrated 60 gal soaking tank and the ability to scrub up to 5” hose at 30 fpm the Rotojet 200A
makes quick work of the traditional backbreaking and messy task of after-fire clean-up. This unit runs on 120v
wall power and station or truck water through a ¾” hose bib attachment. Suitable for use with one or two

200A – 120V, 1 PH, 20A

• Drain hose
• 60 gal soaking tank.
• 30 ft/min of up to 5” hose.
• Foot pedal operation.
• Stainless and Galvanized Components
• Standard Plug and ¾” Water Connection
• 1 Year Warranty on Hose Washers

Roto Jet Hose Washer

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Circul-Air Rotojet 200A Hose Washer
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