Circul-Air Heavy Duty Soft Mount Extractor


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This industrial-grade soft mount extractor comes pre-programmed for NFPA 1851:2020 requirements.
Electrical Options from 208-240V with a simple installation process.

  • Industry-specific configuration for the Fire Service
  • Pre-Programmed to NFPA 1851 wash cycles to clean:
    • Outer shells
    • Liners
    • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Pre-Programmed with wash cycle proven to clean turnout gear effectively and safely.
    • System is proven by 18+ Independent Service Providers


  • Freestanding soft mount washer, doesn’t require the bolting unit to floor.
  • Compact & modern space-saving design, fits where you need it without taking up too much space
  • Large loading and unloading doors with up to 180° opening angle for access from either side
  • Works with detergent dispensers
  • Standard Detergent Input:
    • Equipped for automatic detergent/chemical dosing
    • 5 front load compartments for liquid and/or powder detergent
  • Drum and tub, as well as front and top panel made of robust and durable high quality stainless steel AISI 304
  • Ceramic coated shaft for longer life due to less friction on sealing surfaces
  • USB connection for quick data transfer and data editing on simple .csv format
  • On screen photographic illustrated troubleshooting guide
  • Clear status light indication for easy and quick visual management
  • Large 3” drain valve for fast evacuation and shorter cycles
  • Accelerometer for perfect balancing
  • Water inlet hoses
  • Steam inlet hose
  • 3 Year Limited Factory Warranty

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4 pcs of gear / 22 Lbs, 6 pcs of gear / 30 Lbs, 8 pcs of gear / 40 Lbs, 11 pcs of gear / 55 Lbs, 12 pcs of gear / 60 Lbs, 18 pcs of gear / 90 Lbs

Electrical Config

Unkown, Single phase, 3 phase

Softmount Extractor HD (20lb, 30lb, 40lb)

Softmount Extractor HD (55lb, 60lb, 85lb)

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Circul-Air Heavy Duty Soft Mount Extractor
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